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Allyson's Vision

Time to L.E.A.D. for Area 1 Students  


Area 1 includes some of the first schools built in TUSD. As Tustin has grown, much of the focus has been on expanding and enhancing schools in other district areas, leaving Area 1’s facility issues and a comparatively large achievement gap unaddressed. I’m running to ensure that our schools, our students, and our families have an advocate on the Tustin Unified School Board focused on education excellence for all students. 


Area voting was created to ensure equitable representation. With no new school board members elected in more than 15 years and the incumbent — who has served for 24 years — concentrating most of her efforts outside of Area 1, it’s time for new leadership so that Area 1 schools get the attention they deserve.


I pledge to L.E.A.D.


Leverage my experience as a professional, a community leader, PTO President, and the mother of three children currently attending TUSD schools. As your school board representative, I will tirelessly advocate for:

  • Equitable access to educational resources 

  • Narrowing the achievement gap between Area 1 and the rest of the district* 

  • Improving overall student performance across TUSD by expanding academic and extra-curricular opportunities for all students.


Engage directly with Area 1 families and expand opportunities for public input on critical issues impacting our students, our schools, our families, and our community. Welcoming fresh ideas and improving communication is essential if we are to effectively address the ever-changing needs of our students, families, and school district. I look forward to working collaboratively with community stakeholders, community non-profits, local businesses, and civic leaders on behalf of our schools. I commit to always serving in an open, transparent, and respectful manner.


Address the complex issues associated with COVID-19 and related challenges that we will confront long after students have returned to the classroom. This pandemic has tested us all. The health and welfare of TUSD students, teachers, district staff, our families, and our community must remain our highest priority. There will be economic impacts and lessons to learn as we make difficult decisions and implement policies that support student achievement across the district. We must ensure a robust and sustainable future for TUSD.


Dedicate my time, my experience, and my passion for serving our community to address the needs and interests of our students and ensure that deficiencies in Area 1 schools are fully addressed. There is a significant achievement gap between Area 1 students and their peers from other parts of the district. It’s time we had a real seat at the table. After 24 years of representation by an incumbent focused on other areas, it is time we bring creativity and an engineer’s problem-solving perseverance to address this gap. Equity, transparency, and a commitment to helping every student reach their highest potential are things I will fight for, so we can finally bring Area 1 schools to the levels our students deserve. 

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